Vinegar Syndrome January 2021

I’m a huge fan of Golden age pornograpy, so naturally I had to get the completionist subscription from vinegar syndrome during the black Friday sale. For the rest of the year I’m going to try to write down my thoughts for everything they send me. Peekarama: Taxi Girls: A pretty fun porno in which prostitutesContinue reading “Vinegar Syndrome January 2021”

Jo Shishido Retrospective

Since it’s first anniversary of the death of one of my favorite Japanese actors, I thought a short retrospective would be in order. Admittedly, I found out about the anniversary from the new Japanese Noir collection on the Criterion Channel. There are four films included starring Jo Shishido, so those are what I’m choosing toContinue reading “Jo Shishido Retrospective”

Produced by Roger Corman, Directed by Women

For my first post, I though it would be appropriate to cover one of my favorite figures in all of movie history, Roger Corman. With nearly 400 films to his credit, I had to narrow down the focus or I’d write a book. I noticed the Criterion Channel had a feature on the Women Director’sContinue reading “Produced by Roger Corman, Directed by Women”

Ingmar Bergman’s Cinema Project (Criterion Collection)

Disc 1: Smiles of a Summer Night When starting this journey into Bergman’s cinema, I certainly did not expect a sex comedy to be my jumping off point. I can understand why Criterion would want to open this massive collection with a film like Smiles of a Summer Night though. It’s a crowd pleaser thatContinue reading “Ingmar Bergman’s Cinema Project (Criterion Collection)”

Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast (Arrow Video)

Disc 1: Blood Feast: Blood Feast is regarded as the first splatter film, which makes it hugely important in the history of exploitation cinema. It is just as famous for its on screen depictions of gore, as wild and fun as they are, as it is for its marketing. The producer came up with theContinue reading “Herschell Gordon Lewis Feast (Arrow Video)”