Vinegar Syndrome January 2021

I’m a huge fan of Golden age pornograpy, so naturally I had to get the completionist subscription from vinegar syndrome during the black Friday sale. For the rest of the year I’m going to try to write down my thoughts for everything they send me.


Taxi Girls:

A pretty fun porno in which prostitutes are tired of being harassed by the police, so they decide to open a sex themed taxi service. The male taxi drivers are obviously not happy with this, leading them to an act of revenge that doesn’t quite fit with the comedic nature of the rest of the film. Even though their revenge didn’t really work for me, I enjoyed this goofy porn film quite a bit.

Heavenly Desire:

Now this is the type of porn film I love. The man from Behind the Green Door plays Satan, who tells two old west prostitutes that they need to corrupt virginal sorority girls in order to make it into hell aka hooker heaven. I found this entire film to be hilarious and pretty light hearted, which I’ve always thought made for a an interesting juxtaposition with hardcore sex scenes.

Both films are directed by Jaacov Jaacovi (outstanding name for a porn director and apparently his real name), making a this perfect for a late night double feature.


Cthulhu Mansion:

As a huge fan of Pieces, I had to check out this film from Juan Piquer Simon first. When a group of teenage punks score a bag of cocaine and end up shooting a police officer, they need a place to hide out until everything cools off. To solve this, they take an aging magician and his daughter hostage and make their way to their old mansion, which happens to be hiding a dangerous occult secret. The film poster makes a point to mention this comes “from the mind of HP Lovecraft,” yet I can’t figure out what relevance that has besides the title.

The film starts out pretty interesting in a carnival with a cocaine deal and prompt murder. However, once the punks reach the mansion, the action really begins to slow down. Still, the film makes good use of its mansion setting and isn’t overly long, leading to a pretty entertaining experience to start my vinegar syndrome subscription.

Satan’s Blood:

In my opinion, this was the best of the bunch. In this film, a couple meets a man claiming to know the husband from their time in college, but he has no recollection of their time together. The couple are invited to their country home and strange things begin to happen. We get a weird mechanical doll, suicide, and a brief orgy. The amount of times the couple tries to leave the house only to have left a purse or their keys becomes comical pretty fast.

I’m a sucker for satanic films, so this was right up my alley. This was also produced by Juan Piquer Simon, making the first two films this month into a cool double feature.

Dark Tower:

Probably the least interesting of the realities this month, which is disappointing given the outstanding poster in which the building is shaoed like a coffin. Strange things begin happening in a high rise in Barcelona, prompting the hiring of Michael Moriarty as a security consultant. His performance is fun as always, but he can’t even save it as it really becomes tedious in the second half. Not to mention, the final twist turns it into a simplistic ghost story that doesn’t make much sense to begin with. I’ll probably try watching this one again some time since I was immediately hooked by the opening where a window washer falls to his death, but on the first watch I found it unremarkable.

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