Forgotten Gialli Volume 1 (Vinegar Syndrome)


In this Spanish giallo, a writer seeks seclusion at a rural bed and breakfast run by a slightly disturbed young woman and her handicapped husband. In typical giallo fashion, a black gloved killer stalks and kills any guests that engage in sexual activity. I found this to be a very run of the mill giallo that breaks no ground, but has all the hits that make an entertaining entry in the genre. The film benefits from not holding back with its nudity and blood, however the kills all look exactly the same. Every guest who is killed is slashed in the throat and left to bleed out before the body is disposed of. Overall, this is a decent, but not special start to the first Forgotten Gialli box set from Vinegar Syndrome.

The Killer is one of Thirteen:

In this Agatha Christie inspired Giallo, a widow invites a large group of family friends to her secluded estate with the intent of discovering the identity of her husband’s killer. The first hour is pretty talky, but I can’t blame the film since it does a pretty good job of introducing us to thirteen different characters and what their possible motivation for committing the murder. The final half hour is excellent with several classic giallo killings back to back before finally revealing the identity of the killer.

I won’t spoil the end of the film since I didn’t see it coming, but I probably enjoyed this one the most out of the whole box set. It could have been a little tighter in the first hour, but the final thirty minutes makes up for it in my opinion.

The Police Are Blundering in the Dark:

This was probably the least interesting film in the box set. Like the others, it was not shy about showing blood and nudity, which keeps it from being too boring. However, the middle part of the film drags on for way too long. The goofy ending in which the handicapped doctor is finally able to finish his machine that photographs people’s thoughts does alleviate some of chore that the middle of the film felt like. Overall though, its just way too slow to develop, which should not be the case for a film this short.

Overall, these films do not stand up to the greats in the giallo genre, but I had quite a bit of fun going through these. However, only one of the three was truly a bad film. I think one good, one average, and one bad is pretty good for this kind of set, especially since I had not heard of any of these before.

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